11th Annual New Year's Eve Powwow

Summer Bear Life Balance Eduation is happy to be a sponsor of Native American Events Inc. 11th Annual Social New Year's Eve Powwow on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 Help us bring in the New year with some Family fun, Dancing, music and food! Grand Entry will be at 1pm & 6pm, dancing and singing into 2016!! Help us spread the word and hope to see you all there!!! Admission: $2 (under 6 & 65+ are free)

Overcomming Challenges Recap

We would like to thank all who participated in the Overcoming Challenges Seminar. Keep your eye out for the next events including raw food classes.

Andy N. Condor

We walked with Andy the Condor then were able to have a talk with Helen Dishaw his trainer. From Andy we learned that we should never let our fear stop us from expanding and trying new things.

Helen Dishaw

From Helen we learned that by making small changes in life we could make big differences. She talked about how she became an animal trainer and her relationship with Andy.

Debbie Jorde

Debbie talked about accepting her challenges.
She showed how:
• Connecting to our true selves allows us to choose love
• The difference between our true selves and frightened personality
• The goal is to bring personality into alignment with our true self
• What you resist will persist
• Three steps Awareness, Acceptance, Action are the keys of overcoming the challenges.

Heather Madsen

Heather asked us to imagine life without challenges and if we had no challenges how would we discover what we are made of.

Logan Madsen

Logan shared his artwork and how it expresses emotions. One person with PSTD saw one his painting and said that Logan had captured a way to show how PSTD feels to him. Logan talked about what happened in his life to bring him to the moment in life where he spoke to us. He says that his and Heather’s life experiences have made them experts in the human experience.

Lynn "Doc" Cleland

Doc shared some very interesting and inspirational details about his 1400-mile trek. He reminds us that nothing just happens. Noting is a coincidence, and don’t take a single thing for granted.